2019 Conference - Interest to Host

Call for Expressions of Interest to host the 2019 ANZALS Conference

You are invited to submit a proposal to host the 2019 ANZALS Conference. The ANZALS Conference is held every two years and is the premier event for Australian and New Zealand leisure scholars, including those who work in the areas of leisure, tourism, recreation, events and sport.  The conference provides an open and collegial environment where academics, policymakers and practitioners can come together to discuss and debate a full range of contemporary global and local leisure issues. The Conference is notionally scheduled for early December 2019 but there is scope to consider alternative dates. Expressions of interest to host the Conference are requested by 30 September 2016.


Past conference organisers have said that the hosting the ANZALS Conference has a range of benefits including:

Past ANZALS Conference organisers are happy to share their experience and have established templates and procedures for the organisation of the conference.


Proposals to host the 2019 ANZALS Conference should be sent to Dr John Tower (President of ANZALS) – john.tower@vu.edu.au and include the following information:

Submission contact as proposed Chair of the Local Organising Committee (LOC)


A draft Memorandum of Understanding can also be provided as a guide to the Conference requirements. Please contact John if you have any questions or want to discuss any aspects of the opportunity to host the 2019 ANZALS Conference.