ANZALS 2021 Conference - Expressions of Interest

The biennial ANZALS Conference is the premier event for Australian and New Zealand-based leisure scholars, providing an open and inclusive collegial setting for teachers, researchers, students, policymakers and practitioners from all over the world to come together to document, discuss and debate the often inseperable production and consumption of leisure experiences.

The ANZALS Board invites you to consider the benefits attached to welcoming our community to your campus/city and hosting our 15th Conference in early December 2021.

Previous hosts have successfully utilised the ANZALS conference to raise the profile of their research activities, research team (staff and students), as well as their department, faculty and university across Australia and New Zealand.

Hosting the ANZALS Conference also provides you with an opportunity to establish new and/or enhance existing relationships with industry partners, including possible research funders, plus provide your students with the chance to work alongside the local organising committee (LOC), gaining a better understanding of the depth and breadth of the leisure studies domain as a result.

Expressions of interest should be no longer than 3 pages, and must include the following information to be considered.

1. Proposed host/co-host (i.e. university, campus, city) and preferred dates for the 2021 ANZALS conference (the conference is notionally scheduled for early December, but some scope exists for alternative dates around that time to be considered).

2. Primary submission contact (i.e. proposed conference chair), plus names of key members of the LOC (a minimum of 3 + chair).

3. Proposed conference theme (previous themes can be found on the past conferences page of the ANZALS Website)

4. Evidence of past experience/expertise hosting academic conferences and symposia

5. Evidence of support from the senior leadership team within your academic institution (e.g. Faculty Dean)

Templates from past conferences, and a draft of the exisitng ANZALS Conference MoU can be provided upon request, providing applicants with more details regarding the requirements and expectations of the ANZALS Board (e.g. inclusion of time for AGM, themed sessions, the Trans-Tasman Challenge etc.).

For further details, or to submit your EOI, please email Dr Richard Wright at

The deadline for final submissions is 5pm Friday March 1st, 2019