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Members area introduction page.

From this page you will be able to access secure areas which is linked to your verified membership.

If you require access to one of the other secure areas please register using the relative secure area "Register" button below and one of our administrators will review and assign access to your verified membership account and inform you by email.

Registered Members

Users with "Registered Members" (Secure Zone Name) access can log-in and access all secure content other than the Board Members relative content. T & F Online Resources is also available to this membership.

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Board Members

Users with "Board Members" (Secure Zone Name) access can log-in and access the secure content the same as registered members, as well as board specific content and the externally hosted T & F Online Resources via this website.

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T & F Online Resources

Secure Connection for existing and new members.

When you register as a member through this website, your details were logged for review and are cross-checked against previous accounts on your behalf. An administrator will contact you outlining secure areas assigned to your account. If you have an valid membership to the secure content on T & F Online and administration has assigned you access via this website, and you are logged into this website, you will be able to "Go to T & F" direct from your assigned membership landing page on logging on.

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